2019 – 2020 Fundraising Campaign

The mission of Daisy Petals (a non-profit 501c3)  is to provide faith based encouragement for the mentally ill and their families.  Our 2019 year-end fundraising  goal is $3600. In 2020 we will be focusing on :

    1. Outreach event with Simonetta Carr – Author of Broken Pieces and the God Who Mends Them: Schizophrenia Through a Mother’s Eyes
    2. Sole Blessings Drive / and Mitten & Scarf Drive
    3. Resource Library and helps for the mentally ill and their families

Here are the ways you can give:

    1. by Credit Card
    2. via PayPal (allows some credit card and echecks)
    3. via Facebook – giving Tuesday matching gifts

Sponsoring Opportunities

  • Donate $2,200 – Daisy Event Sponsor – travel , stipend,  collateral and promotion of the March 26, 2020 event with Simonetta Carr
  • Donate $1,000 – Benefactor for March 2020 event
  • Donate $200 to sponsor an Art Session for 4-6 mentally ill people.
  • Donate $50 to sponsor a Tea Party for 8-10 mentally ill people
  • Donate $25 to help us increase the books, videos, and other resources about coping with mental illness from our Lending Library