What Do You Call a Pair of Socks Filled with Goodies and Necessities?

We need your help for naming our sock give away program! What should we call it? These socks will be stuffed with goodies and given away to our community’s homeless, mentally ill and disabled.

wool socks

Daisy Petals is getting ready for the Fall Give Away of what we used to call Blessing Bags. This year, realizing that everyone needs socks, we are going to put the contents of the blessing bags into a pair of socks, not a ziplock  bag. That’s right, we want to give out a pair of socks filled with a new toothbrush, mini tube of toothpaste, q tips, hand sani, comb, granola bar, Scripture portion, and a few more items.

Help us name the pair of socks…ideas:  Sock Magic, Sock Love, Pair of Socks with Goodies, or? Please submit your name ideas by July 27.  Winning name to be announced August 1, 2017.  Winner will receive a gift.